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Escape Date: 4th January 2014

dPace: Happy New Year! Our resolution: To conquer all escape game in Malaysia! So we’re back in e@Curve, ready for another attempt with two more teammates. The 4 of us named ourselves team SPeeDS. While at the briefing, we were suddenly blindfolded!!! What’s going on???

Dscry: This blindfold is very cute. Wait, what did you do, dPace? O_O Why did they handcuff us? Are we being arrested? No!!!

dPace: Oh, must be because I tried to rape the mummy! We’re now being led away. It feels like we’re being detained. Hey, I wanna call a lawyer!

Dscry: We stopped walking and finally, the blindfolds are taken off. We really are in a prison now and there is only one bed for four of us. O_O What?! Why am I being locked up with you when I’m not the one who wanted to rape the mummy? I stopped you from doing it. I’m innocent!

dPace: Well, you’re an accomplice. :p Great, now we have to break our handcuffs, break the prison bars, break some stuff, rape more mummies! Oops, forget the last one. Anyway, this is my first time in a prison cell, and we’re in Prison Break.

Dscry: I just realised that there is no toilet in here. Bad dPace! Now, how can we survive this? You’re definitely gonna sleep on the floor tonight. I’m gonna leave you behind and escape with 2 of our other friends. They don’t deserve this. Let’s see… How do we unlock these handcuffs?

dPace: Ah, I know! I learnt from watching Prison Break, Escape Plan, and Ocean’s Eleven. Done! Now, let’s spread out and search for clues. I see something shiny hanging outside the cell. Could it be the keys to unlock this cell? Quick Dscry, our captors are not around.

Dscry: I thought I told you that I’m leaving you behind? I heard the guards outside. They say something about one of us is a murderer. Hmm… I don’t think you will kill the mummy, would you, dPace? Wait, it’s already dead.

dPace: Do they really charge people for raping the dead? And I’m no murderer. -.- Okay, you listen to the guards outside while I try to think of a way of getting that shiny thingy. There are no other cells around. I think we’re the only ones here. This doesn’t look like a normal prison, Dscry.

Dscry: There is no toilet. That’s definitely not normal. dPace! The guards went out for a break and to smoke, they said. They also mentioned that that they have to be back in 45 minutes. Let’s take this chance to escape. Come on, people. Let’s do this.

dPace: Good job. So lesson learnt, “Clues or hints may literally mean what it means”. Some former inmates may have left clues behind. It looks like we’re all set to break free from our cell.

Dscry: dPace! What are you doing, walking so leisurely? Run! The guards are coming. Come on! Woohoo, we are finally out! I shall not set my foot in another prison for the rest of my life. Please do not try raping another mummy in the future.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  3 / 5
Common knowledge required  2.5 / 5
Room complexity  2 / 5
Players recommended  4 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room) – 4 / 5


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