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Escape Date: 21st January 2014

dPace: Let’s take a walk down this street, as we bask in our freedom from our previous escape. It was a nightmare to be trapped inside a vampire’s castle. Dscry, look, there’s a senior man and he’s alone. Let’s go say “Hi” to him.

Dscry: I don’t think we should be talking to strangers. I’m not going anywhere near him.

dPace: He looks grumpy. Oh look! He’s got balloons tied to his house. His house is gonna fly! And here we are in Setiawalk, Puchong attempting Up – Bon Voyage!

Dscry: I wanna fly too! Let’s go, dPace! Let’s fly! We shall sneak in from this door here. Hey, there’s a boy standing there, looking at the house strangely. dPace, since you like talking to weird people, go talk to that boy.

dPace: Usually strangers would talk to you, Dscry. Oh, the boy says that he’s got something in that house that he needs to retrieve before the house flies away. I think we can help the boy, since we’re becoming professionals at these situations.

Dscry: What professionals you’re talking about? 

dPace: We’re professional escape gamers. This is our 10th game anniversary! So, shall we help the boy? I estimate we have 45 minutes before the house flies away.

Dscry: Okay, we can help. Though I don’t mind staying until the house flies. I wanna fly too! This place looks like a nursery. Many toys around like it is a house for kids not for an old, grumpy man. Now, where could the cap be?

dPace: Haha, probably old man got stuck in time. Oh well, it’s kinda messy inside here. Hmm… Cap. Cap. Cap. Could it be in the attic or basement?

Dscry: If there is an attic or basement, I’m not going near it for fear of meeting the old man. I shall stay here and play with all these toys. The puzzles in this room are quite simple. Though, a lot of hunting is needed. 

dPace: Oh… Too bad there is no Playstation around here. It seems like this old man is quite sentimental. There are toys for both sides of the gender. What’s this big thing doing here?

Dscry: That’s a teddy bear! So big… It has a bigger head than me. Come, bring it to me. It can sit here and play with me. Be my playmate while you all continue the search for the cap. 

dPace: Oh, I think it’s bigger than you, Dscry. I think we found the cap! Let's get out of here now. Lesson learnt, “In an emergency, leave everything behind and run”. This is a good lesson learnt as we escaped but missed the weekly challenge top spot by a mere 10 seconds.

Dscry: Meh… As long as you don’t leave me behind, it’s okay. The kid thanked us for getting back his cap for him. Oh well, there goes the house. Bon voyage, teddy bear! I shall visit you another time if fate allows.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  2 / 5
Common knowledge required  2 / 5
Room complexity  2 / 5
Players recommended  3 (maximum 6)

Hints given  2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room)  3 / 5


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