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Escape Date: 13th May 2014

dPace: After escaping from the slaughterers and purgers, we’re now gonna go on board a wrecked ship and salvage the gold coins before the sea swallows the ship!

Dscry: This ship was the only thing we saw when we got out of the Slaughter House. It took a while for us to realize that we are on the Pirate Ship: The Curse of the Adventure Galley in e@curve. We have only 45 minutes before this ship sinks together with all of us on board.

dPace: And don’t forget the gold when escape! There are a lot of dead bodies lying around. Maybe these are the dead pirates, but I feel there’s something bad going on. Alrite, we need to find a way to get inside the ship. The door is locked; I wonder how we can unlock it.

Dscry: Use this! Whoa… That’s quite a number of skeletons. I wonder what happen to all these people.

dPace: They’re dead. Let’s go in. Look at here, it looks like they have captured and pirated many others before. Hopefully none of the pirates are around. We have to hurry. There are some clues here but it’s behind this thing, so I think we should call for help.

Dscry: Of course they are dead. They’re skeletons. Failing to operate the ship, we call upon the game master as we are given to hints for this room.

dPace: There’s a passage here to move on. Be careful of your head, Dscry, this contraption seems old and might break anytime. This is probably the effect of wear and tear due to multiple plays in this room.

Dscry: Yup, this ship seems old. No wonder it will sink any time soon. Have you found the gold yet, dPace?

dPace: Nope, it’s dark in here, and I’m trying to unlock this chest, but this torchlight is just too small. Can’t they give us some better torchlight? Surely our gaming experience would improve by having a better torchlight.

Dscry: Well, can’t blame them though. With the many humans that uses this torch; it will surely become overused over time. But, of course a better torch would be better. Okay, it is unlocked now. See if the gold coins are in it.

dPace: Yes, there are! Imma grab some and hide it in my pocket, hehehe! Okays, I think there’s a way out here, but it’s locked. We need to find the keys! Lesson learnt, “Some props may be taken from the room for picture taking, provided you have acquired permission”.

Dscry: Let’s get the gold and get out of here. Just few minutes left and we are out! That was close. Yay, we escape from the slaughterers and managed to leave before the ship sinks. I wonder where our next escape adventure shall be.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  4.5 / 5
Common knowledge required  2.5 / 5
Room complexity  3 / 5
Players recommended  5 to 6 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room)  5 / 5


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