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Escape Date: 19th January 2013

dPace: Finally, we are not being kidnapped, arrested nor abducted. I think we’re playing too many escape games till we are playing it in our dreams. Interesting dreams though, there are tea pots, colourful Easter eggs, and some colourful decorations.

Dscry: Whoa… Playing in our dreams. I think we really are going insane. Hmm… This dream seems very familiar. Oh! I know! This is like Alice in Wonderland except I don’t see the Cheshire cat or the smoking caterpillar. I hope we can meet them.

dPace: Not forgetting the tea party! Just pray we don’t meet the evil Queen of Hearts though. This time, we found ourselves trapped in Wonderland - A Magical Adventure in Escape Room Berjaya Times Square. This is a beautiful place with colourful mushrooms and tall flowers. Let’s visit other places in this Wonderland. How do we get out of here?

Dscry: A lineup of the soldiers of cards will be an interesting sight. Hmm… How about you look over there while I try to figure out how to open this door?

dPace: I’m gonna see if any of these flowers and mushrooms are of any help. I see a castle beyond here, full of card soldiers guarding the castle. Probably the evil queen of hearts is there. Not sure if we have to head that way.

Dscry: I don’t think we should stay around too long in this dream. How long do we have before we’re trapped in here forever?

dPace: I think we only have 45 minutes to end this dream or we’ll stuck in wonderland forever. Whoa, this place looks familiar. I think it’s the tea party, but it also looks like the place where some kind of war is gonna take place between Alice and the evil queen. Let’s hurry or we’ll get stuck in the war.

Dscry: Oh, look! It’s the King and Queen. There are many multitudes of other important people around too. Seems like an important event is about to take place. There are many things to do before we can get out of this place.

dPace: Yups, that’s right. There are more than one ways to maneuver ourselves in this dreamy game. Yet, all these paths are essential and lead to our escape from this dreamy escape game. So much for dreamy huh! It sounds like the bells for the war to start and just in time, we found our escape. Wake up time, Dscry.

Dscry: I can see the clock ticking as I woke up from the very colourful dream. We didn't get to see the rabbit! I wanna see the rabbit! Oh, well… Maybe the next room has rabbits.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 3.5 / 5
Common knowledge required – 3 / 5
Room complexity – 4 / 5
Players recommended – 4 (maximum 8)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room) – 3 / 5


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