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Escape date: 18th April 2014

dPace: Well, we’re here attempting our final room in Rush Hour. According to the description and story told by the game master, I can feel that this room is almost entirely copied from another company.

Dscry: So… This is the last room we shall attempt in Rush Hour. This room is like another copy of The Missing Corpse in Mission-Q. But, let us see if it is as good as The Missing Corpse or even better.

dPace: The layout of the room is similar to The Missing Corpse in Mission-Q. There should be more creativity in designing rooms >< Thankfully, the puzzles are not exactly the same.

Dscry: We were given 50 minutes to escape as well as 2 hints to help us along the way. According to the article, we are supposed to uncover the truth about the missing body or skeleton. Hunting for another dead person… Is that our new hobby?

dPace: Well, well, well. I’m really glad this is our last room. I’m tired of playing the themes that they copy from other companies. Hunting dead person??? Cool! Maybe there’s a dead body for me to unwrap!!! There was no mummy in our previous game :(

Dscry: I think you like mummies more than me, dPace. Sad fact. Okay, I got a code here. Let’s just try it on all of the locks because I really don’t know which lock we are supposed to unlock first. The background music is really distracting here. I prefer the little girl’s singing in The Missing Corpse. She sounds cuter. Eerily cute voice.

dPace: That’s not true, Dscry, I like you more! Anyway, I don’t understand this room’s background sounds, songs, noise, whatever-you-call-it. With ease, we managed to find the order of puzzles and locks, albeit with some luck.

Dscry: But, you are more obsessed with mummies. Ooh! There is a switch here. But, nothing happens after pressing it. Ceh… It is not even part of the game. Okay… This is obviously not the exit. I think we got the wrong container.

dPace: Ooops, let’s turn back before we’re locked in this container. Oh, I think there’s another way here. Come, Dscry, we better hurry. There are some eerie sounds catching up with us!

Dscry: I’m trying! It’s not easy to climb up this thing in a hurry. This room architecture is not bad. But be careful, dPace. Don’t get yourself injured. I can see the exit from here.

dPace: Yay! Let’s go… ooops, one more puzzle to go… I wonder how this works… Hmm… Lesson learnt, “Escape games are using more hi-tech stuff, so think technology!”.

Dscry: Not as complicated as The Missing Corpse. With the right code, we managed to escape from another corpse hunting adventure. That marks the last escape game in Rush Hour. Let’s not rush anymore for now.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  4 / 5
Common knowledge required  3.5 / 5
Room complexity  4.5 / 5
Players recommended  4 to 5

Hints given  2
Difficulty rating (according to Rush Hour)  5 / 5


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