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dPace: After many individual room and game reviews, we have decided to give an overall review of the escape game companies available in Malaysia, and overseas in the future. Our first company in review would be Mission-Q, as their company was the first that we have completed all their rooms from.

Dscry: Yeah, I feel like we’re playing more than we can review! O_O So, we’re taking a break from reviewing the rooms. Read on to find out our personal thoughts on Mission-Q as a whole.

Mission-Q, Malaysia


Location: 2nd Floor, 72 Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya, Selangor 47500, Malaysia.

Prices:   Regular price: RM30, Student price: RM25

Room Designs
dPace: Their theme and room design also has interesting ideas that not many other companies have. Their flow of puzzles is always perfect, and all of their puzzles make sense. Though they do not decorate too much of their rooms with fancy artwork, wallpapers, or furniture unlike other companies, their puzzles, atmosphere, and concept of the room always matches the game theme.

Dscry: Mission-Q was the first real escape game place that we’ve been to. Starting with the room, Memento which was meant for 2 persons, this is where all our escape games adventure began. In my opinion, Mission-Q has one of the best room designs as compared to many other escape game places. Even though there are no high tech things being used, their rooms’ architecture is definitely not a let-down.

Puzzles Creativity
dPace: Their puzzles use less of twisting between alphabets and numbers. Instead, their puzzles require escapers in thinking out of the box, solving diagrams and geometries, playing jigsaws and thinking about tools and stuff that we use daily.

Dscry: In terms of puzzle creativity, Mission-Q has very good puzzles. I really love their puzzles. You need to think carefully but not too hard to solve their puzzles. This is definitely one of their plus points as compared to their other counterparts.

Waiting Area
dPace: Their waiting area has a good theme to it. It also matches their overall room themes. Their thematic stools and tables give a good feel and atmosphere. While waiting, you can also have a drink on sale at the counter. While lounging, there are pamphlets and nice introductions to their rooms to read.

Dscry: The waiting area is big and not crowded. With wooden chairs and tables, the ambience is really nice.

Staffs’ Attitude
dPace: Their staffs are friendly and they always greet you with a great big “Hi” and a smile. Their manner of giving clues and helping escapers through a room is also polite and not arrogant. Asking for a little more than a hint is also easy, if you want to :)

Dscry: From my first experience in Mission-Q till my last, the staffs were always very friendly and helpful. I remember my first time when dPace and I was completely blank as to what to do for like half an hour, one of the staffs was watching us and wondered if something was wrong so she went in and offered us help for us to move on in the game.

Recommended Rooms
dPace: This is a really difficult point to review as all, and I do really mean ALL, of their games are great! Nothing short of sheer puzzle and theme quality! If forced to say the most recommended room, I would like to choose Unplugging From The Matrix.

Dscry: Day and Night is definitely the room I put high on top of my like list for escape games. Besides that, I really like the room designs and puzzles creativity for Unplugging From The Matrix room. However, it is currently being changed to a new room. Hopefully, it will be an equally great room.

Rooms to Avoid
dPace: I would avoid you if you avoid any rooms in Mission-Q!!!

Dscry: No room in Mission-Q is not worth playing. Try them all if you can!

Overall Verdict
dPace: I would like to rank Mission-Q as one of the best escape game company in town. In my opinion, their puzzles are refreshing. Although some themes are similar elsewhere, such as classroom and prison themes, their puzzles and room complexity and design makes their games more outstanding than others. A definitely must try!

Dscry: Mission-Q is really recommended for all avid escape gamers. It is a cheaper alternative compared to Escape Room and many other places. But, don’t underestimate the escape games they have to offer. Their rooms will surely give you an unforgettable experience.


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