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Escape Date: 25th April 2014

Dscry: Months had passed since we last step into Freeing Room, Cheras. The first room we attempted which was Treasure Era was an easy room and we can’t really say much about Freeing Room just yet. So, today we will be attempting the next escape game in Freeing Room. What was it called again, dPace?

dPace: It’s called World War 007. I wonder if it is based on some previous world war, or if it is based on the James Bond agent 007… So anyway, we’re told to be separated. After being directed separately into the game room, we realized we’re actually prisoners of war! ><

Dscry: I wish we were in World War 2 era. We have to escape from this place within 45 minutes and we have 2 hints at our disposal. Hmm… We can't even move freely. How exactly are we gonna free ourselves, huh?

dPace: These are not normal handcuffs >< They’re tight and it’s not easy to grasp free from these. It’s also dark, probably made just like the olden times. I think there’s something down there on the floor. Lemme try reach it with my foot.

Dscry: While you do that, I’m gonna find ways to get rid of these handcuffs. Okay, I’m free now! But, we still need to get out of this place. dPace, where are you?

dPace: I’m right here, still searching for clues in the dark. I wonder how our other team memebrs are doing. I can hear them. It seems like they’re doing fine too, I hope. Now, we need to unlock a few things but there seems like we need to communicate with our teammates for clues.

Dscry: Oh, wow… They should have warned us that we need to know how to read Chinese to be able to play the room. Okay… We are like so lost now. In a foreign country with a foreign language. Wait, dPace! Why don’t you try reading this?

dPace: Woah, I can’t! How come the game masters didn’t tell us that we need to know this language! Gah, now we’re seriously in a foreign land! Oh too bad, I guess we need to call for hints as we all can’t make these words out, especially in a different language ><

Dscry: That causes lots of time wasting. If they could at least warned us earlier, we would not have played the room or maybe get help for translation in advance or something. Oh, well… This just doesn’t bode well for us. Let’s get out of here fast and get the “Perfect” status while at it.

dPace: Yups, we’re almost there! One more puzzle to go! Lesson learnt, “Do check on the escape game language requirements before playing”. I wonder what happens if time runs out. The game master didn’t tell us the consequences. We managed to escape with a “Perfect” rating for the room, but we got help with the Chinese puzzle. In the end, we felt the game master should have warned us that there will be puzzles that involve a different language.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 4 / 5
Common knowledge required – 2 / 5
Room complexity – 3.5 / 5
Players recommended – 6 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Freeing Room) – 4 / 5


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