Posted by Dscry On 16:42:00
Escape Date: 28th May 2014

Dscry: We had journeyed through the pyramids, explored ancient ruins and even discovered hidden cultures. Nothing can surprise us now with a room called The Shahara Prison in Mission Break. Oh, wait… Did I just say prison?

dPace: Since when there is a prison in the Shahara Desert? A newly built prison? It’s gotta be real hot and cold in there! Cause you're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no, you're in then you're out… *continues singing* WOAH! HMPGH! Who kidnapped me???

Dscry: That songs sounds like you. After a few attempts of trying to unwrap mummies, the rightful prison finally caught dPace. But, why am I in here with him?

dPace: What do you mean that song sounds like me -.- But it was interesting to find out what’s beneath those cloth wrapping the mummies. Where is everyone else?

Dscry: This prison is a deserted prison in the desert. Get it? I see no one else around.

dPace: It’s kinda dusty in here due to some sand. And what song are the guards listening to? Doesn’t sound desertish to me. Alrites, one more lock and we will be united again after being in separate cells.

Dscry: I thought there are no guards. Please remind me to bring my gloves next time. Moving those dusty and sandy things are making me cringe.

dPace: Come, I’ll move it for you. Alrites, I think there is a secret passageway here. Let’s go Dscry, and be careful of those skeletons. Also watch out, don’t make any noise as it might hit off some security alarm or something.

Dscry: I shall try. *beep beep beep* I didn’t touch anything! Did you?

dPace: Nope, not me either, I just right behind you. And none of our teammates touched anything too. I guess the alarm system is overly sensitive.

Dscry: Maybe it was the skeleton? The skeleton don’t like us disturbing his beauty sleep and trigger the alarm. 

dPace: There goes the flow of the game, and we had to be interrupted due to the faulty alarm system. The game masters apologized and we skip this part of the game. Lesson learnt, “Overly sensitive alarm system kills the game”.

Dscry: That’s too bad. I really wanted to try my acrobatic skills. That part of the game was nice but  being overly sensitive is not good.  

dPace: Oh my! This place is seriously like a desert! Whee… Let’s hang around here and play! *heard some people chasing us at a distance* Okay, maybe not… Let’s go, Dscry, we can escape now!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 5 / 5 (average)
Common knowledge required – 2 / 5 (average)
Room complexity – 5 / 5 (average)
Players recommended – 5 to 6 (minimum 4, maximum 8)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Mission Break) – 90%


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