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Escape Date: 12th April 2014

Dscry: We are being sabotaged by a fellow investigator. While investigating the crime scene, he cuts the power supply and here we are attempting Murder in Chamber Investigation in Rush Hour. Is it me or the name of the room is weird?

dPace: I think they mean Investigation Chamber? Anyway, our objective is just to escape the room, so what’s with the word “investigation” in the room name? Weird…

Dscry: Er… dPace, you forgot? Like I said, we are supposed to be investigating when one of our fellow investigator kinda sabotage us by cutting the power supply. Anyway, this crime scene looks a lot like the Curious Murder in Escape Dungeon without the doors thing.

dPace: Oh well.. I must say, their use of technology is quite unique and interesting. Here’s something we’ve not seen before, and I think we have not got any clue for this. There are some files and papers, maybe there’s a clue in here.

Dscry: Okay! Let’s begin our search through this place. *5 minutes later* Oopsy, the room is so messy now. Papers are everywhere.

dPace: Uh oh >< well, at least we found what we need ^^ Let’s unlock these things and move on. Oh, Dscry, there are more locks here! Do we have to go through that pile of files and papers again?

Dscry: Wow. Okay, maybe there are many other ways to unlock them. Hmm… Maybe we should find out who the murderer is. That might give us some clues.

dPace: Dscry, good idea! By the way, do you notice that there is not exit in this room? Do we go through the same door we came in from? Hmm…

Dscry: Leave it to me! I shall ransack the whole room. I’m sure there’s a door somewhere. Oh! Yay! I found it. dPace, this one looks like a door, right?

dPace: Yups! It is, but Dscry, there are still quite a number of puzzles and locks here! This is tiring >< I doubt we can go through the door now, we need more clues. Lesson learnt, “Spreading energy among escapers is a good way to strategize”. I think we need to call for help, we’re running out of time. ><

Dscry: Okay, maybe we need more people In this room. Too many locks, too little time. This reminds me of the vampire nightmare we had in Vampire Chronicles at Escape Room, Berjaya Times Square.

dPace: On the other hand, this room would be small for 8 players. But anyway, we managed to reach the last puzzle before time runs out. Some consolation there, but also some encouragement for our next room in Rush Hour right after this! Till then!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 5 / 5 (average)
Common knowledge required – 4 / 5 (average)
Room complexity – 2 / 5 (average)
Players recommended – 6 (maximum 8)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Rush Hour) – 3 / 5


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