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Escape Date: 16th December 2013

dPace: Hello there! Fresh from our humbling experience last time out, we were desperate to make amends and redeem ourselves. So here we are, in a land full of sand. Wanna take a wild guess where we are?

Dscry: Just 2 days after the last room, we just have to escape from another room. We chose to start from the lowest difficulty ratings for Escape Room in e@Curve which is The Mummy – Tomb of the Ancient Pharoah. Yes, it’s related to the full body wrapped in white bandages kinda people.

dPace: Yes, I just hope that there’s one so I can say “Hi” to him, or her, or “it”. They’re probably in the giant pyramids in the great desert, full of sand, built using unknown ancient technology. Are we gonna escape from a pyramid, though? That would be so cool!

Dscry: Er… But, this place looks a little too cramp for a pyramid. I’ve never been to a pyramid before so I don’t know if it was meant to be this way. However, this sandstorm is really not fun at all. Too sandy!

dPace: Too bad no real pyramids here. It's tomb raiding time! But cover your eyes, it’s getting very dusty and sandy. Woah, the sky is getting darker too. Hey, I see something there, is that a real mummy? Let’s try unwrapping him, or her, or “it”!!!

Dscry: Eh? No! No raping the mummy! >< Respect the mummy, dPace. Did you even say, “Hi” to er… the mummy?

dPace: Yeah, I did! It did not reply me though. :( Oh well… may the mummy rest in peace. Let’s look for clues around here. Hmm, there’s some ancient symbols on the wall, there’s some candlelight glowing from I don’t know where, and some eerie sounds too. Hopefully we don’t wake any mummies.

Dscry: Shh… At this rate, you will wake the mummy. Anyway, this room is quite simple actually but for beginners, it still might not be so easy. At least you still have 2 chances to call for help. Just be careful to avoid getting sand in your eyes. This sandstorm is bad.

dPace: Yup. So we made it out of the pyramids unscathed, and glad to be away from the sandstorm. We didn’t need any archeology knowledge. The lesson learnt from this Egyptian experience, “Clues and hints require patience for it to be solved”.

Dscry: I would not wanna stay inside there any longer than we already have. Thank goodness we escaped as fast as we could as the sand was starting to get into my eyes. We also managed to get into their weekly top 5 (at that point of time). I hope the next room won’t be this bad. Until then…

Amount and difficulty of puzzles 1.5 / 5
Common knowledge required 2 / 5
Room complexity  1.5 / 5
Players recommended  2 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room)  3 / 5


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