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Event Date: 27th September 2014

dPace: Dscry! We have been challenged to escape games!

Dscry: Yeah! I received an e-mail about it. Enigmatic Escape has been invited by Code Factory to challenge their rooms in the Code Factory Challenge. I shall book my flight ticket as soon as I can. Wait for me, dPace.

dPace: And finally the day arrives! The challenge is to escape from their rooms, while being grouped with others whom we have not played with before.

Gathering and getting to know each other at Code Factory

Dscry: Yay! This is my first time coming to Code Factory. I thought I will never get the chance to. We were told to gather at Code Factory by 11am. Other invited guests include well-known bloggers and youtubers.

dPace: We met new friends and get to know more of the people behind the scenes of Code Factory. After all participants for the challenge have arrived, we drew lots for groupings. Dscry and I were in the same group, together with Ernest (, Wilee ( and Pwincess. With this group, we’re challenged to attempt Burn Out!

Which team are you in?

Dscry: Before we entered the rooms we’re assigned to, all of us were instructed to create our own team names and posters. The waiting area was filled with glitters everywhere, thanks to all of us. Our team name was Champs Unite which we kinda got from a newspaper cutting right in front of us.

Team posters with glitters!

dPace: The other team also got their name from newspaper cuttings, pasted around the waiting area as decorations. We gave a team cheer and off we’re into Burn Out. The owner himself was our game master and briefed. He also told us that we are the first 5 escapers to ever attempt Burn Out in Code Factory! Burn Out will be open to public after this event.

Dscry: Whoa! I’m so honoured to be one of the first players of this room. I asked the game master how long the room testers took to complete the room, he answered it was on average of one hour and a half. O_O We have to do better than that, dPace!

The plan is we send them in, lock them inside and observe them. Muahahaha! - managers of Code Factory

dPace: We finally made it out of the room, after one and a half hour! According to the owner, he just completed the highlight-puzzle of that room just days before we played! Another honour for us =p We would definitely like to recommend you going to Code Factory to try out their games, especially Burn Out! It is worth it.

Dscry: Yup, do tell us your comments about the Burn Out room. After that, we attempted another room in Code Factory called Operation 174. This time, we got out just in time! Yay!

Group photo with other challengers at Code Factory

dPace: We’ll talk about these rooms in more details in the future. We took a group photo with everyone before we had late lunch together.

Everyone got a certificate, even Enigmatic Escape!

Dscry: We even got a certificate each!! Thanks for the invitation to try out your games, Code Factory! For more info, visit their Facebook page at or follow them on twitter at


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