Posted by dPace On 10:23:00
Escape Date: 29th July 2014

dPace: We managed to enter the mysterious Chamber of Hocus in Breakout belonging to the wanted criminal, Mr Hocus, but now we’re trapped in this magical house.

Dscry: Our mission is to find our way around this magical chamber and capture Mr Hocus once and for all. We have 45 minutes to find him. Let’s do this, dPace.

dPace: Let’s go! We have chosen our characters carefully this time, after experiencing the characters of Breakout games. I hope to be more helpful this time around! There’s something in here, but I can’t reach it, probably not for use now?

Dscry: Let’s search elsewhere. The background music of this chamber sounds like from a magic show.

dPace: Remember this house belongs to a magician. Who knows what will be harmful or safe to us? Are we allowed to remove these from the wall to inspect? Oooops.. I think I dropped one of them, wasn’t my fault right? It’s cramped here ><

Dscry: Wow… These things can easily fall with just the slightest touch. Dangerous. So, we do it like this and oh, it didn’t work. Something is wrong.

dPace: I think we there has to be some contraption or a hidden switch. Or maybe we need to think scientifically. After all, magic is just science and tricks.

Dscry: Er… Is that the magician? Hmm… I think not. He looks kind of creepy with that big smile on his face. I’m beginning to think that we should have equip ourselves with some magical knowledge to solve this room.

dPace: He looks familiar. Now where have we seen him before, could be around here, or it could be on something that we usually play at home.

Dscry: Oh! I think I found his identity. This should solve our problem.

dPace: Yes, that’s right. Now we need to think scientifically. This magician has hid the clue very well, and I know how to unveil the clue. Lesson learnt, “School science may not be important for your career, but it is important for escapers”.

Dscry: That was like magic! I really didn’t see that one coming. It’s a clue for our exit.

dPace: Yes, too bad we had to call for hint on this one. Where’s the thing that this sentence is trying to say? Dscry, how to get out from here?

Dscry: If I’m not mistaken, it can only mean this. I think this is the door to the exit. Let’s try opening it. I see the magician now. We caught him! Justice prevails.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  4 / 5
Common knowledge required  4.5 / 5
Room complexity  4 / 5
Players recommended  4 to 5

Hints given  1 hint and 1 answer
Difficulty rating (according to Breakout)  3 / 5


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