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Escape Date: 19th January 2014

Dscry: After the colourful journey we had in the previous room, we were abducted to some place by some unknown creatures of the night and were locked up inside. This place is definitely the opposite of the vibrant and colourful dream we just had.

dPace: Woah, looks like some sort of a castle. It’s a castle belonging either to a witch, Frankenstein, or vampires. Let’s explore and see if we can find out more about this castle. Hmm… I see lots of books. Mad scientist maybe?

Dscry: These books are for kids reading. I don’t think mad scientist read these unless if he’s really mad enough to do so. Anyway, this is another room in Escape Room, Berjaya Times Square which is known as The Vampire Chronicles. Great, we’re trapped in a vampire castle or some sort. Are we gonna be vampire’s food?

dPace: Hmm, let’s see, there are a lot of anti-vampire stuffs here, like in the movies, probably left by previous victims. There are garlic, symbols, and seeds. Dscry? Dscry? *facepalm* Where are you, Dscry?

Dscry: Over here! There’s coffin in here! I wonder how it feels like to sleep in one. I was just trying to see if the coffin can fit me. If it does, I wanna bring it back! And that’s a lot of garlic.

dPace: Be careful, it might be trap! If it really is a vampire castle, then we’d better hurry because night is befalling. I’ve got a plan! Let’s grab as many garlic and seeds as possible with us, then we’ll hide in the coffin. As soon as the vampire opens the coffin, we’ll show the symbol and tada! It’ll be so dead! Then we can flee from here.

Dscry: What?! Even though I’m curious to see how good looking the vampire is, I’m not gonna wait for it to come. I shall take my leave right now. You can stay if you want. 

dPace: No time, here it comes. Let’s go.

Dscry: Oh, no! I heard footsteps. It's here. Run! But, there are too many doors. I don’t know which one is the exit.

dPace: I guess, we have to try them all. Since we don’t have much time before night falls, we have to try all the doors at the same time. 

Dscry: I’m getting hungry. I have a feeling that we are trapped in here longer than we should be. This room is not difficult but there are many puzzles to be solved simultaneously. 45 minutes was not enough for our team to make it out. Maybe a group of 6 would have been better.

dPace: I found the right door. Let’s get out from this creepy palace. We learnt this, “There are escape games where a larger group would make the escape easier”, as it would speed up some process, but smaller places will be too cramped for large groups. Till then…

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 4 / 5 
Common knowledge required – 1.5 / 5
Room complexity – 3.5 / 5 
Players recommended – 6 (maximum 8)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room) – 4 / 5


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