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Escape Date: 23rd July 2014

Dscry: After regaining memory about how we ended up in the previous room of Breakout, Project Fallout, we found ourselves enrolled as participants of a social experiment in this room we are about to attempt. Did I heard them say that we will be hypnotised?

dPace: Who am I? Where are we? Anyone there??? Why am I being locked with these guys?

Dscry: I feel dizzy… Like in a trance. This place is so weird. This room is called Infinity. We have 45 minutes to escape from this place or else we will be considered a failed experiment. 

dPace: Oh, I see a door, let’s try go through it. Apparently, we cannot leave any of our teammates behind. But I still don’t see Dscry.

Dscry: Okay, everyone ready? Don’t leave anyone behind!

dPace: Let’s go. Eh wait. Did we go into the wrong direction? Are we being hypnotized again? What happened? I’m confused. ><

Dscry: Maybe signing up for this experiment was a bad idea after all. Am I hallucinating or are there doors everywhere?

dPace: Let’s just try and solve this place and move on. Ahhh, I spot something! Thank goodness my memory did not fail me now. Lesson learnt, “Escapers with good memory are very useful escapers”. We can move on now.

Dscry: Good thing I have someone with a good memory here. My brain is having a mental block. Everything looks the same to me. It is like a déjà vu.

dPace: It was a good thing we planned our characters well. I can now make full use of my character. 
Dscry, we need to find these things so that we can stop this infinity thingy and we can then find each other. I’ve not seen Dscry up until now. ><

Dscry: Maybe we’re in two different locations altogether. Let me solve this and see what happens. Ready, dPace? One… Two… Three!

dPace: Oh hi, Dscry! We have solved the infinity puzzle! Now since we got kinda confused after going through infinity, where is our exit?

Dscry: It says here. Just go through here and open that door. That should be our ticket to the outside world, hopefully.

dPace: Alrites, thanks to the team members who didn’t get lost in infinity and brought our bearings on track, we’ve managed to exit, and also in record time! Good job, everyone!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 3 / 5 (average)
Common knowledge required – 5 / 5 (average)
Room complexity – 4.5 / 5 (average)
Players recommended – 4 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 1 hint and 1 answer
Difficulty rating (according to Breakout) – 3 / 5

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