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Escape Date: 2nd March 2014

dPace: Well, we just broke the secret in the Secret Lab, so now we’re ready for another secret-discovering adventure. In a room called Crime Scene - The Homicide Unit in Escape Room, Puchong, we’re here to uncover the truth about the homicide that took place in what seems like a Hong Kong style apartment. Why are we being locked in this apartment? Something fishy is going on. I thought we’re the detectives?

Dscry: We have 45 minutes to escape from this place. I found the way to unlock the apartment. Looks kinda shabby and messy in here. Whoa… Is that a dead person I see on the floor? That’s a very gruesome image, I would say.

dPace: Woah, this bring back some memories. Okay, no time to reminisce now, I have a bad feeling about this. This place isn’t very welcoming for us, the homicide unit. I think we need to find another way out of here. Let’s go.

Dscry: This apartment looks small. There are many nice antique furniture and household items around.

dPace: Actually there’s quite a number of items which could be either decorative or clue. We need to sort out which items are which.

Dscry: I wished I brought gloves with me. Some things are dusty. These things must be very old. They could even cost a fortune.

dPace: Hmm… this part of the game does not look like it is able to be built in a high-rise building. Unless this is an abandoned old building, then it is possible, but it is not. I think they should redesign this part, maybe make it part of an apartment. Some improvement on the artwork here needed.

Dscry: The background music can really get to your nerves. One part of the background music that I can vaguely remember is from an old thriller movie.

dPace: One thing that we learnt from this room is that, “Look at things from different angles when solving puzzles. Don’t take things for granted”. Because we assumed that our arrangement for a particular puzzle was correct, we wasted time and hint. A simple re-arrangement of the clues that we had would have helped us solved the puzzle. Even the game master only helped us by saying, "Oh, this thing should be placed in here".

Dscry: Some things are meant to confuse us. I guess this is the exit. Just one more puzzle to solve before we can escape from this place.

dPace: Eh! This puzzle is very familiar. I think they used from another of their game in another branch. Hmm, out of creativity?

Dscry: Maybe. We made it out of that room which makes me feel like it was from a different era all together. The room was decorated well, I would say. Will be waiting for a new room to be built here so we can come back to play again. Until then!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 3.5 / 5
Common knowledge required  4 / 5
Room complexity  3 / 5
Players recommended  4 (maximum 8)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room) – 4 / 5


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