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Escape Date: 31st May 2014

dPace: Hello! We’re back in Escape Room Puchong to conquer our fears, face phobias, and escape from Fear Factor Warehouse! We have 45 minutes with 2 chances to call for help. There’s no background story to this game, as it just tests your limit of facing fears and new phobias. Dscry, are you afraid of anything?

Dscry: Hmm… Just afraid of the unknown. The game master did say something about the little creatures that may be around the room so that we do not step on them. I’m not sure if I am nice enough to avoid them.

dPace: Oooh, I wonder what kind of scary disgusting creatures that we can see! Hopefully they’re edible!!! Anyway, I think we’re in this first common phobia room. Who’s afraid of this? But we’re supposed to find our key out of this room. It’s going to be difficult, because this room has just made us lose one of our senses ><

Dscry: Why must the creature be scary and disgusting? I thought they are all cute! This room is comforting yet unnerving at the same time. I think I just made contact with a small creature with soft skin. Feels a little too mushy but this is not the key out of this room.

dPace: Cute??? Yups, adorable but ugly >< Soft skin??? >< Okay, I think this is the key out, let’s go. Wow! So many creatures! Let’s play with them.. *kicks pokes squeezes* Ooo… these creatures are guarding a chest.

Dscry: Yup, soft like squishy feeling. dPace ways of playing involve kicking, poking and squeezing. Sounds scary. This place looks like Abandoned Factory revamped! Let’s find a way to unlock that chest.

dPace: Eh, yea! These props are from Abandoned Factory room in e@Curve! Anyway, this chest is unlocked. Now we have to put our limbs into this unknown pit >< I wonder what’s waiting for us inside here.

Dscry: Talk about squishy and mushy, this thing is gooey. I quite like it. Unfortunately, I could not find the thing that can help us escape in here. Can you?

dPace: Nope, I can’t find it too. I think we have to do this veeeeeery slowly, so that we can slowly feel it. How about asking our other teammates to try? Lesson learnt, “Don’t hog trying on a puzzle and allow others to participate or give it a try. You’ll never know what others can do until they try”.

Dscry: Yay! Our teammate managed to get it. This is our pass to the outside world. Let’s go and we made it. Hmm… Honestly speaking, there was one puzzle in there that doesn’t quite fit the room. Anyway, if you ever want to face your fears in Fear Factor Warehouse, say “hi” to the little creatures for me when you see them!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  1.5 / 5
Common knowledge required  3.5 / 5
Room complexity  1.5 / 5
Players recommended  4 (maximum 6)

Hints given  2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room)  5 / 5


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