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Escape Date: 25th April 2014

dPace: Right from our near-defeat and disappointment with the language barrier from World War 007, we’re going to attempt their most difficult room according to the owners of Freeing Room, The Biohazard Lab.

Dscry: I’ve brought my lab coat for this special occasion. This laboratory sure is cold. This time, the game master warned us specifically not to disrupt anything as it may cause us to lose the chance to get the “Perfect” status. We’re given 2 hints to escape and complete the mission within 45 minutes.

dPace: Brrrrrrr... Can I borrow your lab coat??? >< So… We’re not allowed to disrupt things, but ain’t that our specialty? Messing up things while looking for clues? =p Anyway, here we go, trying to be careful not to bump into anything fragile or vulnerable. And also avoiding this bulky thingy!

Dscry: My lab coat is small. >< There, dPace! I see another lab coat. I don’t know who it belongs to but maybe some hot girl. Some of the things here are dusty. I regret not bringing gloves!

dPace: Woah, no thanks. I think it belongs to some dead victim, which was brought here for some bioweapon experiments. It seems that this equipment still functions. Do you know the code so that we can unlock this and operate it?

Dscry: Hmm… I’ll go look around for it. I think this lab is doing an experiment on human bodies similar to Secret Lab in Escape Room, Puchong. That is definitely a human body I see in the middle of the room. Maybe they’re finding a cure to prepare for the ebola pandemic, just in case. Oh, I think I found the code for the lock. Here, dPace.

dPace: Ah, sound like it is unlocked. Now, I think we need to search these victims for clues. I wonder what are these steel bars doing here. It looks like there could be more clues there.

Dscry: Er… Maybe it is a place to lock prisoners? I wonder if there is anything up here. *attempts to climb up* Ouch! I think I hurt my thumb. Hopefully it is not broken.

dPace: Oh no, why do they have to put up something so high up there! Your thumb looks sprained. Is it okay? Lesson learnt, “Safety comes first”. Dscry’s injury lasted for a couple of weeks and played on with a painful thumb. I think there’s nothing else in this place. Let’s go out, we’re almost at our last puzzle.

Dscry: Of course, I continue playing with an injured thumb. Injury should not stop a gamer like me. After finally discovering the truth about this Biohazard Lab, we managed to escape before the time runs out. That adds another room of Freeing Room in our list with the “Perfect” status. That’s 3 PERFECT escapes from Freeing Room out of 3 games!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  4 / 5
Common knowledge required  4 / 5
Room complexity  3 / 5
Players recommended  6

Hints given  2
Difficulty rating (according to Freeing Room)  5 / 5


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