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Escape Date: 2nd March 2014

Dscry: We are back to attempt the rumoured toughest room in Setiawalk, Puchong which is known as The Secret Lab. This time, another member of my team, Dancergal shall take over dPace place in reviewing the room. So here we are, in a cold laboratory as news reporters who apparently were locked inside by the CDC. It is kinda funny how the CDC quarantined the place without ensuring that everyone had evacuated the premises.

DancerGal: It looks kinda like a normal living room, and seems pretty comfortable. I feel like I could live here. Oh, but that’s not something we wanna do. We only have 45 minutes to get out of this place. I think that the CDC wanted to make us feel so comfortable so that we wouldn’t leave this place. Seems like the quarantine didn’t work very well though, because it only took us a while to find out where the Secret Lab was.

Dscry: I see many glass jars on the table filled with some chemicals. 

DancerGal: The chemicals don’t have a particular smell. There are severed hands and feet on the wall. Oh wait! Are we in a prison of some sort?  I’m starting to get really scared.

Dscry: I think that those chemicals are not meant to be drank. Someone got the key to the other side of the lab. There is a dead body in here with all his organs removed. Oh, what is this? Looks like a closet.

DancerGal: The closet is locked and can’t be opened. There must be a way to open it somehow. I guess the curiosity got the better of us. AHHHHH! Something happened. Oh my goodness. This room is really creepy!

Dscry: Apparently, we have to perform a surgery on the dead body and fix him up. But, we don’t have to be surgeons to patch him up, so no worries. Lesson learnt, “Never disregard anything you learnt in school as it may come in handy in escape games.”

DancerGal: Glad you did that. Once that was done, we managed to escape successfully before running out of oxygen. I’m glad we got out in time, Dscry. Dark room with no oxygen, so many things happening at one go. Aren’t we glad we had quite a few people to help out? Phew! Done with The Secret Lab. Onto our next room…

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 3 / 5 
Common knowledge required – 4 / 5 
Room complexity – 3.5 / 5
Players recommended – 6 

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room) – 5 / 5


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