Posted by Dscry On 21:49:00
Escape Date: 18th April 2014

Dscry: So, to complete our adventure at Rush Hour, Kuala Lumpur, we are here today to attempt the last 2 rooms. This time the room is called The Pyramid.

dPace: What?? Pyramids and Egypt again?? To be honest, I’m getting bored with this sandy and desert, and pyramids and mummy themes. However, I’m still waiting for an opportunity to rape, uhh.. I mean, unwrap a mummy! Dscry, do you think there’s one in here?

Dscry: Yes, dPace. The sandy place with the pointed pyramids and mummies. No, you are not allowed to rape or unwrap any mummy you see on sight. No touching too! We are now at the pyramid entrance. I have to say, this is another narrow space. I think if 8 people were to be in here together, oxygen might be insufficient.

dPace: Dscry, be careful! Why do game designers like to hang some weird non-thematic stuff in the middle of a room that creates danger to the players? After solving this narrow area, our teammates move on to the next puzzle with ease.

Dscry: It has an interesting way to open the door to the pyramid, I must say. But, we wouldn’t have figured that out on our own. I see colourful things! *starts collecting random stuffs while other people search for real clues*

dPace: Dscry! Those things you collected seems useful, but I’m not sure how or when will they be used. Maybe you can keep them first. Lesson learnt, “Things collected may not be useful now, but for later.” This looks like the tomb in the pyramid, but where’s the mummy? And I think this place also looks cramp. Luckily there’s only 4 of us.

Dscry: This is the first time I’ve seen so many locks for just one thing in my entire life. There has to be more than 10 locks to unlock here. Start looking, people! Do whatever you think is right. Be careful of traps.

dPace: I think the locks here are not organized and we need to figure out which clues will give us which answers. There are some weird things or decorations which don’t seem to belong in the pyramid era. Do you agree, Dscry?

Dscry: This is what we would call modern times meet ancient times. Okay, maybe that didn’t make any sense. Wow… We managed to unlock all the locks. I think we need a specific arrangement and maybe some old magical word for the door to open. Open Sesame!

dPace: And it was some magic! Quite cool, I’d say. We escaped with much time to spare, so on to the next challenge in Rush Hour. See ya soon!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 2.5 / 5
Common knowledge required – 3.5 / 5
Room complexity – 3.5 / 5
Players recommended – 3-4 (maximum 8)

Hints given – 2

Difficulty rating (according to Rush Hour) – 4 / 5


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