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Escape Date: 13th May 2014

Dscry: We are back in e@Curve to finish up their last 2 rooms! The first room we will enter shall be Slaughter House. This room is rumoured to be a very difficult room in Escape Room, e@Curve. Really?

dPace: And again, I doubt their level of difficulty. The story is this; we’re supposed some information about a Dr. Malcom and we’re lead into a morgue. It turns out that this morgue is actually a slaughter house of humans! And now we’re trapped in here with only 45 minutes to escape before our turn to be slaughtered.

Dscry: O_O Is this some kind of like purging ceremony just like in The Purge movie? I don’t want to be slaughtered, dPace! Do something! We have 2 hints at our disposal. How about calling for a hint right now? I just wanna get out of here fast.

dPace: Wait, before we call for hint, I think I can solve this! Hah! Another one of Escape Room’s modified puzzle. Okay, now I’m stuck at this. Maybe we can call for hint now ><

Dscry: Yes, I shall happily call for hint now. With the help of the game master, we managed to proceed with the game. You must be wondering where the bodies are if this was really a slaughter house. Well, take a look at those hanging bodies! So bloody.

dPace: Don’t poke them, later all the blood leak out. Woah, it’s very very cold in here, and the corpses are really heavy!

Dscry: Don’t touch them, dPace! Mummies are definitely better looking than these guys here. These guys definitely need plastic surgeries.

dPace: Probably some botox here, some uplifting there, and maybe a little do-over here. That should do it! These bodies have names, and we’ll be the next few if we don’t unlock this chest here. I think it contains our codes to exit from here.

Dscry: Oh, I know! Let’s ask the bodies if they know the code. Hey, hanging body guys, do you know the code to this thing? Okay, they didn’t answer but we got the code anyway.

dPace: Yups, we got it. Lesson learnt, “The physics, chemistry, and biology subjects are not that all useless”. I think we can exit from here now. Oh wait, there’s just one problem, we don’t have the item to get us out of here.

Dscry: Ah! You mean this? I got it. Let’s go before the Purgers reach this place.

dPace: Let’s go, let’s go! Run for your lives! And we’ve escaped from the slaughterers with 10 minutes to spare!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 3.5 / 5 
Common knowledge required – 4.5 / 5 
Room complexity – 3/ 5 
Players recommended – 4 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room) – 5 / 5


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