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Escape Date: 5th April 2014

Dscry: Just when we thought there are no more other escape games around KL or Selangor, Rush Hour was spotted in the heart of KL. So, we thought we should try our luck and see if they are any good. Which rooms are we playing today, dPace?

dPace: We’re here in Prima Setapak to attempt our first room in Rush Hour, known as The Curse (Cast by a Spell). After awaking, we awake in a very small house and in 50 minutes there is curse that will befall upon us. We need to escape with 2 hints before time is up.

Dscry: Apparently, this room was design for kids. Really??? Well, this room is not as colourful as Up in Escape Room, Puchong and has less toys than expected.

dPace: The story isn’t even child-friendly. Do they really expect kids to play in this room? *facepalm* Anyway, here we are (pretending to be children), attempting to escape before we’re cursed. I’m already feeling this room is cursed.

Dscry: Hmm… This thing has been put so high up here. How do they expect kids to solve this? They provide clues in English as well as Chinese. I have to say, their English is worse than that of Escape Dungeon. Sorry to say.

dPace: English is abysmal. I wonder if they know how to use a spell checker. However, their use of electronics was quite cool. You’d know that there is a transmitter and receiver, but the location of the receiver was quite unexpected, but in a cool way, and the effect of completing that puzzle gave us all a pleasant surprise.

Dscry: I know right! This light thing is cool. So, how do we get this to unlock? Nothing seems to be working. Never mind, dPace. Try using this code to unlock that first.

dPace: There’s a toy here, I wonder if it’s just decoration. I’m gonna play with it, HAIYAK! Hmm... there’s a lock here, let’s try use the code you gave me. It looks like we can open this chest soon.

Dscry: Okay, we got this thing here. How do we use it? Let’s see. Oh! It worked and we’re out already. I feel like something is amiss.

dPace: Yup, it looks like we escaped the room and the curse even though we didn’t complete the puzzles. Here we gave a feedback to the game designers that using a 3-digit code lock risks disruption to the flow of the game. We accidentally unlocked the 3-digit lock although at a time we’re not supposed to. I supposed today’s lesson is more for the game designers, “Ensure that combinations are difficult, by using at least 4-digit/alphabet locks to decrease chances of disrupting game flow”.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 2 / 5 
Common knowledge required – 2.5 / 5
Room complexity – 2.5 / 5
Players recommended – 4 (maximum 8)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Rush Hour) – 3 / 5


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