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Escape Date: 5th April 2014

dPace: After a slightly disappointing introduction to the escape game, we started our next escape game in Rush Hour, with 50 minutes to escape. We are supposedly being kidnapped by a crazy man and held in a farmhouse. I wonder if there are cows?

Dscry: This place looks old and dusty. There are many junks around here. This is not an ordinary farmhouse. Are we in a prison cell again?!

dPace: Aiya, I think it’s because we didn’t properly escape from the curse in our previous game, that’s why they capture us here! And I’m still looking for the cows. Moooooo…

Dscry: dPace is a cow now! O_O I think the cows are hiding from you. Anyway, I know this place is new when we got here but they should really remove junks that are not related to the game or even decoration.

dPace: Ouch! What in the world is this thing doing in this room? Is it even related to the theme of the game?

Dscry: Hmm… The sequence of the game is not organised properly especially the beginning of the game. Instead of unlocking the first lock, we unlock another lock which was supposed to be unlocked at a latter part of the game. Oopsy…

dPace: But anyway, I think one of us needs to bend his or her neck trying to unlock this thing here because they placed the lock in such a way that it was facing the away from us, and the front side of the lock is blocked from our vision! Poor setting up of the room.

Dscry: Maybe they are sadist that way? Okay, now that is done, let’s make our way to the exit! This room is very much unorganized; I just want to escape right now. I don’t wanna stay becoming a slave in this place for the rest of my life.

dPace: The thing we need to unlock is here, but it seems we need to find a clue somewhere in this  room. Do they really expect us to find flip over every of this object to find our codes? Lesson learnt, “If you’re supposed to find something, just flip over everything and leave no stones unturned”.

Dscry: At last, we made it out of yet another prison. I have never thought in my life that I will be going in and out of the prison so many times. Thank goodness we escaped! I don’t want to be slaves and end up organizing the room for the person who put us in there just now. We will be back for the other rooms of Rush Hour.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  3 / 5
Common knowledge required – 2 / 5
Room complexity  1.5 / 5
Players recommended – 4 (maximum 8)

Hints given  2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room)  3 / 5


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