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Escape Date: 8th February 2014

dPace: We’re back here in Berjaya Times Square for another escape game. According to them, what we’re attempting today would be a “Competition Room” and it’s a very difficult room. Oh well… Here goes nothing.

Dscry: The room is called 'Taken - The Perfect Abduction'. We were told to bring the ransom to the kidnapper or something. But, how do we get to the hostage? And wow, is that a gun I see?

dPace: Woah, careful. It’s loaded, don’t pull the trigger. Some people have handcuffed the ransom bag to my brother. We’ll have to protect him as we go save our hostage. Let’s find the kidnappers’ hideout using this map.

Dscry: So, the kidnapper says we have to get to this place from here. dPace, maybe you should handle this navigation job. I will look around and see for any clues as to what we are dealing with.

dPace: I’ll try. Hmm, there are some things lying around here. I wonder what they’re for. 

Dscry: I thought I told you to read the map.

dPace: Now this is an easy puzzle, for our team at least, that we solved in like less than a minute. Okay! On to the next room, wasn’t that quick? Hmm, something tells me we’re gonna make it out in record time. So much for their most difficult and competition room.

Dscry: Okay, we got the locations and we managed to get closer to the victim. Now, what? I don’t even know what clues we are searching for now. Oh, wait! Someone found something. I wouldn’t have guessed that one. And there she is. The victim! Untie her!

dPace: Wow, hot chick! Woah, she nearly got dissected from so much of untying. Hold on, lady, we’ll carry you out of here in case you have any broken bones. Now we need to figure out how we can get out of this room. We’re close to escaping this place with the victim.

Dscry: There is a message written here. I think I got it! Okay, the door is open! Carry her out and run.  Run! With that, our team made it to the first place in the weekly challenge that day and got ourselves an exclusive Escape Room thumb drive each. Spending 21 minutes in the room to get the girl out was worth the fun! Lesson learnt here is, “It is important to assign someone to keep hold of the important clues or hints to prevent from losing them in the mess while moving about the room.” We will be back in Berjaya Times Square once they open some more new rooms in the future.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  3.5 / 5
Common knowledge required  3 / 5
Room complexity  4 / 5 (average)
Players recommended  6 (maximum 8)

Hints given  2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room)  5 / 5


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