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Escape Date: 16th May 2014

dPace: Dscry, we are working for the FBI and are hired to solve a case which the local police are clueless about. It’s about a hotel boss being killed in his office, and we only have 45 minutes to identify the killer or s/he will disappear (according to the description of the case). Seriously, disappear from the face of the Earth???

Dscry: Hmm... Maybe change his or her identity and erase his current existence from the Earth. Can't underestimate this kind of people. They are capable of doing many things.

dPace: I agree. So we have to start going through these files, papers, and newspapers in this office as we, the FBI, are also clueless! Although we have identified the things and compartments which are locked, we don’t have a clue the order of which we have to solve.

Dscry: Let’s try them all. Just do whatever we can.

dPace: Yups, we just made the office even messier. Okay, we managed to unlock a few box and compartments, and we were doing it very quickly indeed, according to the game master. However, we stumbled upon a difficult puzzle so we called for support.

Dscry: That is one of the 2 hints we get for this room. Oops, looks like we solved some puzzles which we weren’t supposed to solve before that difficult one. There goes the flow.

dPace: Oh well, they should have organized the room so that escapers follow the correct flow. Thankfully, we got back on track and we’ve found more clues to help us escape. Due to the messy office that we created, it was quite difficult to re-track our puzzle flow. Lesson learnt, “Though ransacking quickens the process of finding things, it also creates a mess which might slow escapers”.

Dscry: Just a little bit more and we will be out. These thing looks like some illegal substance. So, do we bring it back to analyse?

dPace: I’m not sure, probably we’ll have to find a way to analyse it here. I’m afraid these substances might harm us if we mishandled them.

Dscry: Hmm… That’s bad. I never go for training on how to analyse these things. I’ll let you do it, dPace. I think we can leave this place soon.

dPace: Oh, I ain’t so sure either, but I will try to recall what I learnt during my school days. Thankfully I paid some attention in school… hehehe… There you go, here’s the answer.

Dscry: Yes, I got the key! Let’s get out of this place and make sure to arrest the killer before he disappears completely without a trace. Another murder mystery solved!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  3 / 5
Common knowledge required  2.5 / 5
Room complexity  2.5 / 5
Players recommended  4 (maximum 8)

Hints given  2
Difficulty rating (according to Mission Break)  64%


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