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Escape Date: 20th June 2014

Dscry: Through Heaven and Hell, I shall find you, dPace. Wait, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Getting back on track for our room reviews. We are now at Escape Room Berjaya Time Square about to travel through Heaven and Hell in the search for the wings belonging to the angel, Gabriel. I thought it was a he but is actually a she.

dPace: He? She? Oh well… I guess they mixed up the gender. Oh wow, I didn’t think this place could so… so… so… not like what I imagined. Nonetheless, after receiving our briefing from the guardian of angels, we need to find the path to Hell to retrieve Gabriel’s wings. Poor Gabby.

Dscry: Gabby??? You already giving her a nickname? What?!

dPace: I dunno. >< He, oh I mean, she sounds hurt. Her wings are like a part of her. Dscry, have you found the path to hell?

Dscry: I think it is here. I hear screams and sadistic laughter. We need a way to open the hell’s gate.

dPace: Hmmm, I’m sure between the clouds and the angels there should be a clue. Meh, I don’t see anything. I wonder where the Pearly Gates is. ><

Dscry: What is the Pearly Gates? I don’t know how it happened but the gate to hell is now officially open. After you, dPace.

dPace: Pearly Gates is the gate to enter heaven, and you’ve found it! Let’s exit from here and go into the dark abyss of hell. Hmmm.. I thought hell is supposed to be burning hot. But, I don’t feel any of that here. So both the heaven and hell rooms of this escape game don’t really have the thematic atmosphere I was expecting.

Dscry: Well, after a while being in hell, it does get a little stuffy and warm. Did you see that person over there? Is that the one of the guards of hell?

dPace: Oh Hello! How are you? How’s everything? Hmm, no answer... Oh... So you use this gadget eh! How do you use this? Ahhh… I see, a clue! Thank you, guardian of hell.

Dscry: She, I think is a she, is kinda pretty. Long silky hair with big round red eyes and snow white fair skin. Definitely a hot beauty in hell, don’t you think so, dPace? She makes it hotter in hell. Maybe she is Hell Girl!

dPace: Lesson learnt, “Think innovatively. You’ll never know how things may combine to work out a clue”. We can’t explain much for this lesson, as it’ll be a game spoiler. We’re almost out of this heaven and hell conundrum.

Dscry: There are quite a number of creatures in hell that don’t seem human friendly in here. I can’t seem to find Gabriel’s wings. Oh, no! The gate to hell is closing soon. Hurry! Find her wings and get out of here.

dPace: Gabby, I found your wings! But, we didn’t manage to escape from this heaven and hell puzzle... Let's negotiate with the guardian of hell to let us out of here. Till then!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 3 / 5 (average)
Common knowledge required – 4 / 5 (average)
Room complexity – 3 / 5 (average)
Players recommended – 4 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room) – 4 / 5


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