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Escape Date: 23rd July 2014

dPace: Hello, readers! We’re on to our 40th room! And not only that, we’re at a new company, Breakout, located in Avenue-K. We will be attempting their easiest room, Project Fallout. What’s the story behind this room?

Dscry: I can’t seem to recall anything. Why are we here? Why are they asking us questions that I don’t seem to know the answers to?

dPace: It seems that we are suspected of being terrorists who created a bomb. They have chained us up in different cubicles. Dscry?? Where are you???

Dscry: I’m here! I can hear you but I can’t see you. How are we supposed to free ourselves? These chains are heavy and it is not easy to move in this position. We have about 45 minutes to get out of here before our interrogators returns to torture us with more quesions. 

dPace: Ohh, I think we have to cooperate in order to free us from this chain. Alrites, I saw the keys. Okay, I can unlock myself.

Dscry: Nice! Pass me the keys. I want to be unlocked from these heavy chains too.

dPace: Here, you go! Lemme go explore around. There’s an old cabinet which I think looks more like a kitchen cabinet than a chemistry lab cabinet.

Dscry: I wonder what kind of experiments these apparatus are for. Being the Oracle in this game, I remember these things are part of the game and those things are not. Let’s do that accordingly, shall we?

dPace: Let’s go! Woah, something moved behind there! Lemme go check. Ohh… everything is good. There’s a passageway here. Would you like to go first, Dscry?

Dscry: Er… Okay. I think I might need the Light Bringer with me. Oh! I see a bulky machine. But, I don’t know the password to switch it on. Do you have any clue as to what the password is, dPace?

dPace: There’s something here that we can use. Lemme try and turn this thing. Dscry, can you hear me? Do you see anything now?

Dscry: Yes! I think I got the password. Let me try it. Yay! It worked. Wait, I think this is a trap. I might have triggered a bomb or some sort. Let’s get out of here fast.

dPace: Woah! There’s a warning sound. It says we have limited time to get out of here, but on our clock we have more than 20 minutes!!! Let’s go, there’s a way here, but it looks cramped, be careful.

Dscry: There’s the exit! We made it just in time before it was too late. The rush to the exit was really exciting. Let’s prepare for the next room.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  2.5 / 5 (average)
Common knowledge required  4 / 5 (average)
Room complexity  4.5 / 5 (average)
Players recommended  5 to 6 (maximum 6)

Hints given  1 hint and  1 answer
Difficulty rating (according to Breakout)  3 / 5


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