Posted by Dscry On 23:20:00
Escape Date: 31st December 2013

Dscry: It is New Year's Eve and we decided to end the year by hanging around this place. It doesn’t seem like there’s anyone around. I wonder why…

dPace: Probably escaping from 2013 at other places. Oh well, we’re gonna celebrate the arrival of 2014 in a different style, by successfully escaping from another escape game! We’re back here at e@Curve.

Dscry: The room we chose this time is called The Abandoned Factory. No wonder there is no one around. During the briefing, we were told that we can only ask for one help. Apparently, if more hints are given, the room will be too easy. Really?

dPace: Oh well, we should be too good for this right? Here goes nothing. So in we go into the Abandoned Factory and find it quite amusing. Although it is abandoned, we went in without safety boots or helmets, risking our lives with dangers that may come with abandoned buildings, such as broken glass, dangerous pipes and things dangling from the ceiling.

Dscry: This doesn’t look very safe as the sound similar to a time bomb ticking echo throughout this place. Are they gonna blow up this place? Is that why nobody is around?

dPace: Oh goodness! Let’s quickly solve these codes and get out of here before this factory collapses.

Dscry: This room has the same difficulty level as The Mummy room. But, it doesn't mean it is easy. Despite the fact that they only gave one hint throughout the whole thing, if we use the hint at the wrong time, it will cost us our life. We only have 45 minutes to get out of this place before it explodes… Maybe…

dPace: Woah! I hear something… The ticking seems to be more intense and ticking faster! We should solve this puzzle quick! Or maybe head that way, but there are rats. I’m not too sure if they’re dead or alive though.

Dscry: dPace! There are some safety helmets here. I think we should wear it and escape now. We only have 10 seconds left.

dPace: Okays, let’s try crawling through this way. It’s dark and there’s the rat. Ah… I see light! 3, 2, 1... We’re out just in time! Lesson learnt from this abandoned factory, “Always look thoroughly and carefully scrutinize every object”. Remember, in an escape game, there are decorations and clues. You have to carefully differentiate them. Till the next room!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  2.5 / 5
Common knowledge required  2.5 / 5
Room complexity  2 / 5
Players recommended  2  3 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 1
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room) – 3 / 5


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