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Escape Date: 17th November 2013

dPace: We’re on for our second escape game, playing in Freeing Room, Cheras. Together with 4 other friends, we were told by the game master that there will be three outcomes of this escape game: loser, winner, or perfect. Perfect? With six pairs of eyes and ears fixated on our game master, we listen intently on the difference between winner and perfect.

Dscry: This time, we were given a mission to accomplish while finding our way out of the room. To get the perfect outcome, we must accomplish the mission given as well as free ourselves from the room. We've chosen to start from the first era in Freeing Room as the rooms are based on different eras. Thus, here we are, in the Treasure Era.

dPace: In the Treasure Era, we need to escape the room to obtain the “Winner” status. However, as we are a bunch of 6 competitive players, we will never be satisfied with just the “Winner” status. The game master explained that in order to obtain the “Perfect” status, we need to escape the room and bring along the treasure out from the room with us. Yet, details were not given as to how and what the treasure looks like. Oh gosh…

Dscry: “Let’s set sail, pirates! Prepare the map and the ship. We have a treasure to find!” Wait a sec… There is no treasure map provided, is there???

dPace: Nope, no map at all. Not even the slightest hint of where the treasure is. It could be hidden anywhere. It could be ANYTHING in the room! Let’s try breaking that wood and see where it leads us!

Dscry: Don’t be so violent. It could be a trap! Wait, we're already trapped in this room while searching for the treasure. This doesn't look too good. How long do we have to escape from this room?

dPace: We have 45 minutes. Let’s put on our thinking hats and tracking abilities to find that hidden treasure to get our “Perfect” status. Treasure hunting time!

Dscry: This room can have up to maximum 6 players. It has the lowest difficulty rating compared to other rooms in Freeing Room. I have to admit, it is easier compared to Memento. Maybe it’s just that we have more than enough members to look around for clues. It is definitely a different experience than the first room we've played.

dPace: Not forgetting our very first and most precious lesson learnt from playing Memento, “Always listen to instructions carefully, especially the first task”. We also gained useful experience from Memento going into Treasure Era even though the general idea of the puzzles is different than that in Memento. From this room, we learned that “Violence takes us nowhere”.

Dscry: With our great teamwork, we managed to get “Perfect” status! Good job, mates! Till next time then.

Amount & Difficulty of Puzzles  2 / 5
Common Knowledge Required  2 / 5
Room Complexity  3 / 5
Players Recommended  3 (maximum 6)

Hints Given  2
Difficulty Rating (according to Freeing Room)  3 / 5

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