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Event month: October 2014

Dscry: Greetings, humans! With about half a month to go until Halloween, what have you been up to? Horror movie plans, Halloween costume parties, or maybe trick or treating?

dPace: How about experiencing an escape adventure in this month full of horror? Instead of watching a horror movie, you can feel like you’re part of a horror movie. As such, Dscry and I will be suggesting a few recommended escape games to play with horror themes (in no particular order)!

The Missing Corpse (Mission-Q) 

Dscry: If I am not mistaken, this is the first escape game we played with some horror elements to it, right dPace? As the name suggests, the story is about the missing corpse which disappear without a trace. In this room, you and your teammates are going to find out the truth about the story. Corpse hunting during Halloween sounds interesting, don’t you think?

dPace: I feel that this room will give you a slightly horror theme, from Mission-Q. Although the theme will not entirely suit Halloween, but it definitely has the horrific feeling in this game. A must try for Halloween!

Vampire Chronicles (Escape Room)

dPace: What do you cosplay when you think of Halloween? Vampires? Ahhh… How about being trapped as a victim of a vampire? Trapped in his castle? Try experience being in a vampire castle and try to escape from him. Hopefully this doesn’t spoil your childhood imagination of vampires!

Dscry: In this humble abode belonging to the creatures of the night, you will have to find your way out before the blood-thirsty creatures return and probably feed on you. Don’t forget to bring some garlic with you!

Haunted Chamber (Escape Dungeon) 

Dscry: Escape Dungeon offers escape game with horror elements in them. However, dPace and I concluded that if you wanna try for their horror escape game, Haunted Chamber is definitely a must try. So, who or what exactly is waiting for you in the Haunted Chamber? Like they say on the site, be brave. Be very brave!

dPace: I would say that this room brings out a horror movie in you. You don’t need to pretend to be an actor/actress in a horror movie, for this room brings out the fear in you. Escapers will feel like they are in a horror movie, more than trying to escape from the room. In my opinion, this room has the more horrific elements among listed in this article.

The Overlook Hotel: Room 13 (Escape Room) 

dPace: I feel that this room is one of the scariest game from Escape Room. The puzzles in this escape game also strike a sense of haunting feeling when trying to solve them. This room definitely gives escapers a chill to their bones. What do you think, Dscry?

Dscry: Yup, I agree. I, Dscry hereby challenge you to have a stay at this hotel. Don’t worry; it costs almost the same as most budget hotels. In fact, it is even cheaper than some. I’ll personally advice you to book room 13 as it is the best room they have to offer.

Click for Enigmatic Escape personal experience of the room! (coming soon)

Dscry: You would probably think that we recommend this room because it has a nice puppet show with horror elements in it featuring the famous marionette, Mr Oswald. Hmm… I think that is not quite right. And who is the owner of this marionette? You might be the lucky ones to find out his identity. 

dPace: This escape game does not only brings a horror element, it makes you feel as if you ARE really part of a horror movie being filmed by some non-living things. Escapers will not realize the role they are in, until the blindfolds are revealed. Do try this room to find out what you will become!

Click for Enigmatic Escape personal experience of the room! (coming soon)

Lost (Code Factory) 

dPace: dPace: Lost, is a room that I can summarize it as “full of surprises”. The room has elements which were never used before in other games. Not wanting to be a spoiler, this is a room I would say a must try for Halloween, if not for the unique elements used in this room. And don’t get lost!

Dscry: Honestly, I haven’t got the chance to play this room yet so I can’t really say much. However, if what dPace said is true about the room, you should attempt it and try not to get lost in the Lost room of Code Factory. Maybe I should consider joining you and your teammates to experience the room. Hmm…

Click for dPace’s personal experience of the room! (coming soon)

Halloween Escape 2014

Dscry: Last but not least, the main escape event for this year’s Halloween, Halloween Escape!

dPace: I will be going for it! And if you wanna catch a glimpse of the Halloween Escape 2014, you can click on the video below to watch the trailer. Otherwise, come and join me! See you for a horrific Halloween escape!


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