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Escape Date: 25th October 2013

Dscry: Memento… That was the name of the first room we played in our escape game adventures. It is a room available in Mission Q. As the description says, it gives you a chance to go back to the past with your special someone and experience school life together. Well, that’s not quite right.

dPace: Ah… It brings back so many memories of our old school days. Remember those wooden chairs that you can tweak and slide back and forth, wooden tables with drawers under the surface, and blackboards that make eerie sounds when fingernails meet with it. Yup, the settings are all so familiar. Yet, something is different about the drawers under the tables. They’re all locked! Oh wait! We’re in an escape game. Our first out of many escape games in the future.

Dscry: Yesh! So, in this classroom we are trapped together but we are not here because of detention. We are here to free ourselves from this room.

dPace: Alone in a classroom setting with familiar furniture from our old school days, the room have two doors. One from which we entered and another is our exit.

Dscry: Apparently, we are locked in the room but not really locked. The door we entered from was left unlocked in case of any emergency which I think is a good precaution. 

dPace: Yup, it also eases claustrophobic.

Dscry: Anyway, as the name suggests, this is an escape game. We are to find ways to escape from this room.

dPace: Before we started the game, we took a picture with the blackboard as our background and was briefed about the dos and don’ts. Then, we are completely left alone in the room (actually there’s a CCTV watching us) for us to complete our mission. Scampering around, we started our quest of finding the key to get us out of the room.

Dscry: This room is made for only 2 players. Not more, not less. The time given to complete the mission is an hour. As this is the first time we are playing, we can’t really compare it to other escape games. Despite the fact that this has the lowest difficulty level compared to other rooms in Mission Q, never underestimate the puzzles or tasks given. It is a good start for beginners. But, that should not stop you from trying this room even if you are a regular or maybe a professional player. It was an interesting experience. Even though, we didn't quite finish in time due to some lack of attentiveness during the briefing, we did however manage to free ourselves from the room.

dPace: Lesson learnt from here, “Always listen to instructions carefully, especially the first task”. Nevertheless, we had a good experience and because we escaped the room way past the nominal time limit, we were not satisfied with our performance. One thing for sure, this won’t be the last of our escape games adventure! =)

Amount & Difficulty of Puzzles  3.5 / 5
Common Knowledge Required  3.5 / 5
Room Complexity  1 / 5
Players Recommended  2 (maximum 2)

Hints Given  1
Difficulty Rating (according to Mission-Q)  2 / 5

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