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Escape Date: 21st January 2014

Dscry: This is unbelievable! We actually surrendered ourselves to be locked up in this Dungeon of Doom of Escape Room, Puchong. I think I’m going insane. Help, teddy bear! I should have followed you as you departed with the flying house just minutes ago.

dPace: Ah-hah! I’m very sure this time it isn’t my fault. The raping mummy case was a long time ago. Could be something to do with the old man that we took the pilot cap from? Or could it be the vampire that we killed? I think it is the evil syndicate being jealous of us for escaping from our 10th “escape the room” game.

Dscry: Ooh! Cute blindfolds again! While, blindfolded, we’re being led into the dungeon. This time, the dungeon seems like they’re buried deep inside a place. I wonder if we are going to an underground dungeon.

dPace: We’re left here, blindfolded and handcuffed! This is getting worse and worse. Dscry, I think the four us have to work very well as a team now to escape. It seems like they have beefed up their security.

Dscry: Okay, calm down. Er… let’s see if we can take off our blindfolds first. I wanna see how this dungeon looks like. Well, take a look at that. We’re behind bars again and we have 45 minutes to get out of here. 

dPace: I’m calm. I can pick our handcuffs, come here, and let me unlock your handcuffs. There you go. Let’s see if there’s anything in here or if we need to grab something from outside this cell.

Dscry: And again, this place only has one bed. Why do they have to lock 4 people in a prison cell with only one bed??? Whoa… This bed is breakable. Scary… I think sleeping on the floor is a safer option. 

dPace: You’re lightest among the four of us. I think only you can sleep on the bed. We’ll figure out something else. I see no other prison cells. Yet again, we’re the only ones in this dungeon.

Dscry: I don’t wanna take the risk of sleeping on that bed. I tried sitting on it and it fell apart. Scary… They should consider replacing the bed. I wonder which group of humans who are violent enough to break a bed in an escape game. 

dPace: I suppose we all have to sleep on the floor. Woah! I found something interesting. Dscry, take a look at this. Do you think…

Dscry: No! Don’t touch that! I don’t wanna be trapped in here forever. We were warned to not touch some things in the room as they may prevent us from escaping. Okay, this should get us out of here. Eh? It’s not working. Why?!

dPace: No wonder… This lock is faulty. Lesson learnt, “You may call for technical assistance”. Calling for technical assistance does not count as a hint. However, ensure that you are confident that you have the correct answer before doing so. We escaped the dungeon, but due to technical difficulties, we had our time recalculated.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 2.5 / 5
Common knowledge required – 1 / 5
Room complexity – 1.5 / 5
Players recommended – 2 

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Room) – 4 / 5


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