Posted by Dscry On 21:48:00
Escape Date: 3rd February 2014

Dscry: We’re back here in Mission-Q after being away from it for quite some time. Before we began, we sent out about half of our team members that day for training in Memento to prepare them for the next room we planned to play which is The Missing Corpse.

dPace: It was said this room was given a level 5 difficulty rating due to the amount of puzzles we have to solve to escape. Our teammates didn’t manage to escape from their training room, so things look bleak for us. Nevertheless, we tried our best.

Dscry: There are 6 of us here. I think we can do this. I hope so. The room is so red. Is that blood I see?

dPace: Not sure about it, but I ain’t gonna touch it. Won’t know what it is. Oh look! This corpse tray says it just pass away not long ago. Let’s see what’s inside here.

Dscry: Tried pulling it out. It’s locked. We have to unlock it first. One of our teammates just got the code to unlock it. Okay, let’s see what it contained.

dPace: Okay! Woah! The corpse is missing! Oh no… I think we are in trouble. Someone will think that we are the ones that cause the corpse to go missing. We need to escape from here quick!

Dscry: Wait, dPace. I think I just saw her. She’s staring back at you and asking you to enter that dark place with her. We should obey what she says and pray that she won’t curse us. How about you go in first, yeah?

dPace: But… but… but… This corpse doesn’t look like a human, or maybe it’s a deformed human! Anyway, let’s see where this goes.

Dscry: Listen, dPace! I heard a kid’s voice singing. That just spooked a few of our teammates.

dPace: Oh no, I see a rope. I think we’re gonna be hanged. Hmm, this place is really cramped. Oh wait, I think I know how to unlock this. Lesson learnt here, “Sometimes opening a lock requires some physical skills”. Great, from one cramped area to another craped enclosure.

Dscry: Good thing I didn’t go inside that cramped area with you and some of our teammates. It looks really cramped in there. I think this is our exit. Let’s hurry! Hmm… That was fast. I guess the kid’s voice gave them extra motivation to exit this room faster than expected. I will have to thank the kid next time I see her.

dPace: Ahh… Very tricky place to escape but we managed to do it, and not only that, we did it in record time! And as the topping of the ice-cream, we did it WITHOUT ANY HINTS! Good job, team! We’re #1 in the Mission-Q Hall of Fame for The Missing Corpse room. Check out our picture when you drop by Mission-Q. Till then…

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 4 / 5
Common knowledge required – 4.5 / 5
Room complexity – 5 / 5
Players recommended – 5-6 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 1
Difficulty rating (according to Mission-Q) – 5 / 5


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