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Escape Date: 3rd February 2014

dPace: We’re fresh from our very efficient escape adventure and enjoying a good meal nearly forgetting our hungry stomachs after the euphoria of reaching #1 in the Hall of Fame. But wait, I don’t recognise these doors. There are so many of them. Are we like trapped in some illusion hallway?

Dscry: I think not. These doors can be opened physically or so I thought. We are currently trapped in a room called 'Unplugging from the Matrix' in Mission Q. Listen… What is that sound?

dPace: It sounds like some kind of noise, or codes, or a song from a movie, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s nothing? There are many digits here and letters too. I wonder what’s going on in this corridor of doors.

Dscry: So, which door are we supposed to open first and which door is the exit? This room has the most amount of numbers compared to all the other rooms we have played up till now. Oh! I think I just solved this.

dPace: Wow. This is the most difficult puzzle to solve and you did it without any hints, and we've only used up 15 minutes of our time limit of 1 hour. Great! I think we will be on the Hall of Fame again :) Just as I thought, this won’t be our room to the exit, let’s try another door, or so it seems. I wonder if they're any "thing" hiding behind these doors.

Dscry: No, I hope not. Okay, let’s try this door now. This is not the exit either. We need to unlock the next door. I see a maze. This maze is very interesting.

dPace: Oh, lemme ask my brother handle this maze. Ah, he’s done it. Now what, we need to be some kind of athlete or musician or stuntman?

Dscry: That has to be the most interesting way to unlock a door so far. That was so cool! I admit this room is not easy. Despite the ratings given by Mission-Q, it is more difficult compared to The Missing Corpse.

dPace: Lesson learnt, “Common sense or general knowledge sometimes do help a lot”. Okay… here’s another contraption. I seriously wonder how they came up with these creative ideas.

Dscry: Yeah, Mission-Q by far has the best creativity in puzzle making and room designs. I can’t wait for us to finally play their last room which is 'Day and Night'. I heard it is the toughest room. As we once again left another mark on the Hall of Fame for 'Unplugging from the Matrix', we look forward to playing their most difficult room in the near future.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 4.5 / 5
Common knowledge required – 4.5 / 5
Room complexity – 5 / 5
Players recommended – 5 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 1
Difficulty rating (according to Mission-Q) – 4 / 5


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