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Escape Date: 12th March 2014

dPace: We’re attempting another room in Escape Dungeon. This time it is called Trapped. Our previous escape was excellent, getting number 1 on the Hall of Fame. Hopefully we can do better. This time, half of our members were “kidnapped” and locked to the walls, while another half of our group were told to find clues leading to us.

Dscry: Did I mention that Escape Dungeon uses 3-digit locks? In my opinion, escape games should not use 3-digit locks because it will be too easy to guess the combinations. Maybe just 1 for a room would be okay if they just wanna give away some locks.

dPace: Even 4-digit locks can sometimes be broken by our team, what more 3-digit locks. Anyhow, we got the clue easily so let’s unlock ourselves. Now, I wonder how we’re gonna communicate with our other members.

Dscry: Communicate by means of screaming our lungs out maybe? You don’t have to announce to the world that our group is a destructive group, dPace. Wished we could be less destructive. *sigh*

dPace: I don’t mean physically breaking the locks, what I meant is that we can unlock the locks before even fully solving the puzzles or obtaining the full code! We’re that good! Anyway, I hope they managed to get our message. >< It’s a challenge and this is interesting.

Dscry: I really don’t want to praise ourselves so much. There! We’re free to move about. Now, let’s wait for the rest of our team members to get here.

dPace: I think we can sort out which clues are linked together while waiting. Oh, I can see our members almost reaching us!

Dscry: While solving the last puzzle, I can’t help but comment on the fact that it needs to be renewed, if that is the right word for it. The clues are quite blurry. There are definitely room for improvement for this escape game.

dPace: I agree. They should do a check on these clues so that it can be clearly seen as it should be. Now, that we’ve matched those clues… We’re here at what should be the exit. Ehh! This is kinda cramped. Could they at least do something about this area? Lesson learnt, “It is not necessary to cramp everyone in a place to solve a puzzle” This would cause the vision of the escapers to be smaller, thus increasing the chance of missing out on spotting clues.

Dscry: I think it was just an added space. Maybe they tried to add some suspense element to the room but apart from the little jump scare stunt, there is nothing much to be afraid of. But, I warned you not to underestimate the jump scare stunt; it might catch you by surprise. Our team managed to escape within the time frame given.

dPace: Overall, their horror elements, though exists, still does not really scare me much for the two games we played.

Dscry: So far, I can’t say Escape Dungeon is good enough to rival Mission Q on their escape games. As for the horror elements, for both Saving Ms Ryan and Trapped, don’t put high expectations on that. Hopefully, their other rooms will be better in terms of horror experience as the ratings are higher. See you in another room of Escape Dungeon!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  2 / 5
Common knowledge required  2.5 / 5 
Room complexity  2.5 / 5
Players recommended  4 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Dungeon) – 4 / 5 (with a horror experience of 4 / 5)


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