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Escape Date: 12th March 2014

Dscry: Here we are in Escape Dungeon! I am surprised that they opened a new escape game nearby Mission Q. Let’s see if it can rival Mission Q with the games it offers. Escape Dungeon is different in the sense that all the rooms have the horror elements in them and the rooms have a horror experience ratings. I don’t know how scary the rooms are but we are about to find out. Which rooms are we playing today, dPace?

dPace: We’re playing Saving Ms. Ryan, and we’re gonna save the beautiful (I hope) Ms. Ryan! I wonder how she looks like. Could she be some pretty lady? Oh… it seems we also need to prepare some transport to take her out of that place. We’re given 2 times to call for hints, and here we go on a rescue mission.

Dscry: Is it the same as the movie, Saving Mr Banks? Hmm… It looks like they didn’t reset the room properly. They didn’t check if the important files were there or not. Due to that, we had to call for technical error. Only the first room we played in Escape Dungeon but we are already calling for technical error. This is bad.

dPace: Oh well, hopefully it’s a one-time mistake. Anyway, they managed to fix it, but negative marks for this company on this aspect here. Alright, I managed to unlock this box. Dscry, recognise these things?

Dscry: Wow… They used some old recording device which I think people rarely use nowadays. Newer generation might not know how to use these things
dPace: We’re from the generation that use these things, thankfully. Let’s use these things and most probably we’ll get more clues for the next code.

Dscry: We managed to get past that room. Now, we have to find Ms Ryan! Where could she be?

dPace: Ms. Ryan is still a mystery to us. Her transport could be anything! Maybe a model toy car, or a bucket, or even paper plane? I wonder where she is being held as I haven’t seen her yet. Let’s see, there are several things we can do here, how about you go here, I go there?

Dscry: Roger! Hmm… This part of the game is quite unorganised. The sequence is not proper. The division of the room is not good for the puzzles, I think.

dPace: I agree. Alrites, I solved this part, you’re done with that part, correct? There are two more branches here. We need to get our bearings right as there’s are things that can be done here. Lesson learnt, “If there are multiple paths/branches, check whether they should be done in sequence or simultaneously”.

Dscry: We got the sequence of the puzzles wrong. In my opinion, the puzzles to escape games should be constructed in a way that it flows nicely with the sequence. They should probably change the room or at least some of the puzzles. Hey, isn’t that Ms Ryan? It has to be her because there is no one else around here. Let’s rescue her and escape from this place!

dPace: Wait! Don’t forget her transport! And let’s go, mission accomplished! We’re number #1 on the Hall of Fame!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles – 3.5 / 5 
Common knowledge required – 3.5 / 5
Room complexity – 3 / 5
Players recommended – 4 (maximum 6)

Hints given – 2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Dungeon) – 3 / 5 (with a horror experience of 3 / 5)


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