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Escape date: 29th March 2014

dPace: From one place to another, we’re back in Mission-Q for our last room here, Day and Night. Sadly, we’re not coming back to this company anymore, unless they have new rooms for us to play. Their puzzles and flow of their games have been good. Oh hey! We’re still #1 in their Hall of Fame for The Missing Corpse. Let’s start our last room and read on to see how we fare.

Dscry: Yay! I’m excited for this room because I have always like Mission-Q’s puzzles. Anyway, we had a chat with the game masters before the game and they told us that the room is not gonna be easy but it has lesser puzzles compared to The Missing Corpse. There was even a team that tried to attempt the room and took almost 2 hours and still could not escape.

dPace: 2 hours!!! Seriously I don’t plan to be locked up for days and nights! Let’s focus… We can do this! So after splitting our team into half, Dscry and I are in the Night room, while our other half of the group is in the Day room. According to the game master, we need to communicate well with each other. This will surely test our communication as a group!

Dscry: This room requires a lot of teamwork. If there is no teamwork, you will definitely be stuck here for days and nights. This escape game is interesting. We need to cooperate well too or else everything will fall apart. We only have hour to escape from this room. Let’s do this!

dPace: I would highly recommend this room for teambuilding. There is no easy way to pass objects between the day and night rooms, yet we need a lot of exchanging of information between the rooms. Lesson learnt, “Good communication is an essential component to any successful escapes”.

Dscry: After solving a series of puzzles, we are reunited with our team members. This thing is huge. I need help moving this thing here.

dPace: Woah! Who would ever expect such thing can be moved. Only Mission-Q can do such things. Come play this room before it expires to find out what this is! And with a deep breath, our expectations shot way above our heads, kudos to Mission-Q! We quickly solved the puzzle we just found and we’re almost on our way out.

Dscry: Last piece of puzzle! This puzzle kinda makes sense with the name of the room. Yay! We made it out of the room. I think the key here is definitely teamwork as well as good communication among the team members. Sadly, we have to take our leave now from Mission-Q. Hopefully they have a new room in the near future. Until then!

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  4 / 5
Common knowledge required  4 / 5
Room complexity  4.5 / 5
Players recommended  6 (maximum 6)

Hints given  2
Difficulty rating (according to Mission-Q)  3 / 5


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