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Escape Date: 22nd March 2014

dPace: Fresh from a poor adventure, we’re now back in Escape Dungeon, attempting their 4th room, Curious Murder. We’re given 45 minutes to identify the correct murderer. Failing to identify correctly would inflict a deduction of 20 minutes. Alas, hopefully we can figure out the murder soon!

Dscry: 20 minutes! That’s a lot of time reduction. They also told us to identify the murder weapon. If we identify the wrong weapon, we will fail the room even if we identify the correct murderer. That is bad!

dPace: According to the game master, we need to call him when we have identified the murderer. He will then unlock one of these doors, where each door has a name on it. I suppose only the correct door leads to our escape from here.

Dscry: This is interesting. I hope we don’t open the wrong exit door. So, the room is like any other crime scene rooms with some evidence here and there. I think I just found something to help us identify the murderer! Look at all the things written here.

dPace: I wouldn’t call this an escape game, more like playing a live ‘cluedo’. Dscry, it seems these things are not enough to identify the murderer. We need more clues. Shall we try figuring out the code of this lock to see if we unlock more clues?

Dscry: Believe me. I haven’t had the chance to play ‘cluedo’ my whole life. Managed to get that unlock and more things are uncovered. I feel like it is a story. I think they should really improve their English or at least get someone to proofread the clues because it’s not easy to understand what they are really trying to say.

dPace: Although their English isn’t top notch, at least we kinda figured out some sort of story here. Ahh… I think I found the murderer. Now, for the modus operandi of the murder, it says that the victim was found dead with these bruises and injuries, which means…

Dscry: Look at these! I am positive! This has to be the murder weapon. So, are we confident enough to call the game master now to tell him what we have identified?

dPace: Yups, as with all murder cases, we need a suspect, motive, and weapon. Do I sound like a real detective? Like a pro!!! Call the game master and I’m confident we can be out in record time. Lesson learnt, “Some escape games require more than just solving puzzles”. From this room, we learnt that we also need more than puzzle-solving knowledge as solving this murder mystery is definitely not just a code-breaking puzzle.

Dscry: You’re giving me the chills. Sounds like bragging. >< The game master is here asking us for the murderer’s name and the murder weapon. As he opens the door to the murderer name, all I see is nothing. What?! That was not the exit??? Oh wait, lemme see. It is! Yay! We identified the correct murderer as well as the murder weapon. Maybe after this, I should consider being a detective like Sherlock Holmes. See you in the next mystery escape game.

Amount and difficulty of puzzles  3 / 5
Common knowledge required  4.5 / 5
Room complexity – 3.5 / 5
Players recommended – 4 (maximum 6)

Hints given  2
Difficulty rating (according to Escape Dungeon)  5 / 5 (with a horror experience of 2 / 5)


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