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Escape Date: 18th October 2014

dPace: Dscry! I went to the Halloween Escape, held in the Wet World Shah Alam. The water park is now a horror-themed park!

Dscry: Oh! That one. I’ve seen the advertisements for it. So, what was the place like?

dPace: The place was decorated with horrific items, such has amputated hands and legs, with fog and mist giving the eerie atmosphere. They also have a laser and mist show that acts as the introduction to the storyline, similar to the normal escape games.

Halloween Escape 2014

Dscry: Sounds like a very nice place for Halloween. Too bad, I couldn’t go for it. Anyway, what can people do there?

dPace: Maybe you can go for other events in the future :) The place is like an escape game theme park, where there are different mini escape games to play. For each escape game or the horror house, visitors have to queue to wait for their turn to play. And for each escape game, the game time is 10 minutes, but they have two identical rooms for each escape game, so two groups of players can play at the same time. However, the queuing time is very long, very much longer than the normal queuing for a busy theme park day.

Dscry: Aww… Long wait? That place must be swarming with humans! I heard there is a horror house too which I think is the main attraction of the Halloween Escape.

Welcome to Halloween Escape!

dPace: As for the horror house, you have to walk through dark corridors and there were jump scares. After these dark corridors, there is an escape game for you to attempt in 5 minutes. If successful, players can proceed to the next stage of the horror house, which is more dark corridors and another escape game, also 5 minutes to complete. If players fail at the first stage, they will have to exit the horror house immediately and will not be allowed to experience the second stage.

Dscry: Is the horror house big and house like? I’m picturing an old abandoned mansion now. Is it something like that?

dPace: Nope, it doesn’t look like a house. They’re just calling it horror house for namesake.

Wanna take a picture with me?

Dscry: Oh. Would be nice if they could improve on that. So, what happens if the players failed any escape games? Are they given a second chance?

dPace: For all of the games, players can retry as many times as they wish. Furthermore, if a group successfully completes any escape games there, they are given a reward, a voucher to play escape games at one of the organizers’ branches.

Dscry: Oh! At least, there is a reward. Are there other rewards available or just that one?

dPace: For all the games I won, the rewards are all the same, a buy 4 free 2 voucher.

Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?

Dscry: Are there any food stalls around the event place? I’m sure some humans would be hungry after all the wait and games.

dPace: Yups, there are! They sell fingers and eyeballs to munch on as well as packs of blood with different blood types available for drink, similar to those used in hospitals. I guess these Halloween delicacies came from rare sources because they were expensive!

A hearty Halloween-ish meal

Dscry: At least they have stalls offering nice Halloween delicacies. I would really love to try one of those.

dPace: Watch out, Dscry, there’s Chucky behind you! There’s also pretty Annabelle… Ooh, there’s a Chinese ancient minister, and also a prisoner, as well as surgeon that got leprosy! They’re all coming!

Dscry: Where?! Why are they coming? O_O

dPace: To scare visitors! I think almost none of the visitors were scared, except for a few surprised faces, frightened children, and a couple of screaming girls.

Oh, so you think you're hot, don't you?

Dscry: Wished I could witness the screams. As a whole, how would you rate your experience of the Halloween Escape?

dPace: All in all, I would say that the trip wasn’t very worth it, as we only played 2 out of the 4 escape games, which has 2 easy puzzles in each game. Experienced gamers will be able to solve them easily, which is not quite worth the long queue. Other friends who went there with me were also not very excited about the puzzles. However, the Haunted House did give quite a good scare. In terms of overall experience, I would rate it a “one-visit-is-more-than-enough”.

Dscry: Well, I’m sure they will make lots of improvements in the future. Hopefully, by then, I would have a chance to experience it myself! Happy Halloween, everyone!


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